What is the next step?

We support each other to take action, in our own everyday lifes and with our projects, finding the next small step or change we can make – and taking action is always about doing (or stepping away from) those little concrete things…

For people & projects in Berlin-Wedding: We’re building a network for self organisation and local action. We organize every Tuesday an evening for direct everyday actions and every 1st weekend of the month a big project meeting. Plus we spread news and calls for help, share ideas and ressources, and support new collaborations. It’s an open platform by & for people in Wedding. Doesn’t mean we agree with everything members do. We agree it’s time to get together and kick-off some things we can only move collectively.

We invite all* to join! *trim tab collective strives for providing a safe space, where’s no room for racism or any other kind of stereotyped thinking.